Is Coaching the same as Therapy or Counseling?

A Coach is NOT a counselor, nor a psychologist, nor a therapist. A Coach is a thinking partner that supports you to clarify your purpose, enhance relationships, quiet that inner critic, increase confidence, increase effectiveness, develop strategies and achieve results faster with ease and joy. This type of accountability or encouragement is what it takes to propel you to the next level or the next endeavor you seek. 


How do I know whether Coaching is for me?

If you answer "YES" to any of the following questions, you may need a Coach. 

Are you feeling stuck?  Feel like you can't see things clearly?  Frustrated with your current circumstances?  Do you desire to do something different with your life or your career? Is there a particular relationship that is giving you difficulty, either in your personal life or at work?  Is there a roadblock that you just can't seem to get around?  Do you lack motivation in a particular area of your life or your career?  Are you asking questions about purpose?  Are you searching for passion and enthusiasm in your days?  Do you feel burned out?  Are you searching for joy?  Do you need to work more effectively?  Do you wish you had more influence?  Are you confused about what the future holds?


Do you offer an initial consultation?

I offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation where you can ask your questions and I can learn about your objectives.  Together we can determine whether I am the right Coach for you or your organization. 


Are Coaching discussions confidential?

Coaching sessions likely include a discussion of highly sensitive information.  Confidentiality is tantamount in the Coach-Client relationship.  Therefore, a good Coach always maintains a strict standard of confidentiality.  However, there are certain legal obligations that require reporting of certain matters of abuse related to children or elderly.  Also, a Coach is not your attorney, nor your physician, nor your therapist, nor your counselor. Therefore, the typical protections of attorney-client privilege, medical record privacy and mental health record privileges do not apply. If you anticipate that Coaching discussions may become subject of a legal matter, you should immediately notify your Coach. 


Do your Coaching services incorporate aspects of a Client's spirituality or religion?

A Client's spirituality or religion can be a significant influence in his or her life and can be explored in Coaching as a means to develop clarity or purpose in one's life.  The Coach and Client will work together in the first session to develop a coaching plan that takes into account a Client's preference regarding spirituality and religion.  Personally, I am a faithful Christian and my Coach training has included incorporation of biblical principles.  This means that I value every human life equally without regard to their gender, age, race, creed, religion, etc. If a Client would like to incorporate Christian prayer or scripture into the Coaching services, then I am happy and prepared to do so.  


What does a typical Coaching session look like?

The initial session requires some pre-homework by the Client and can last up to 2-hours. The initial scope and objectives of the arrangement can dramatically change what the first session looks like and where it takes place.  The initial session may or may not be in person, which can be determined by the parties.  Travel to a location is an added expense that many clients prefer to avoid. However, an initial in-person meeting can be most helpful to kick-start a Coaching arrangement.

After the initial session, most Coaching arrangements continue regularly with 45-minute sessions conducted by telephone.  A telephone call may seem impersonal to some Clients, but it is intentionally designed this way because discussions often spur sensitive topics and hard questions.  Coaches find that Clients tend to feel more comfortable and speak more freely when they are in a room by themselves with a voice on the phone rather than sitting in the room with their Coach.  Practically, phone calls also seem to accommodate busy schedules and allows a Coach to work with a client that is not geographically located near the Coach's office. An in-person arrangement may be part of the on-going services if it is in the best interest of the Client. For example, it is common for Corporate clients to set-up an in-person arrangement, particularly where more than one Executive may be working with a Coach. 


How much does it cost?

Each person, company and circumstance is unique.  It is best to create a package and pricing structure that is unique and tailored to the needs of the individual or the company.  We can work together to bundle services into a package that accomplishes your objectives and provides effective coaching.  Here are a few common examples:


      • Life Coaching individuals is by far one of the most rewarding aspects of Coaching. In an effort to make Life Coaching affordable for individuals seeking clarity in their personal lives, hourly rates may be scaled down depending on the services offered.  Some prefer a pre-paid package with a built-in discount and others prefer a pay-as-you-go type of arrangement. Typical sessions can range $50-$75 per session.  



      • Single issue: Targeted Session of up to 90 minutes for those who have immediate goals and want support to connect those to specific plans for prompt, inspiring results. $200.
      • Month-to-Month: Each session lasts up to 45-minutes.  We will set-up a convenient standing Coaching call schedule with additional phone check-ins and email support in between calls as needed.
        • 4 sessions per month: $500/month
        • 3 sessions per month: $400/month
        • 2 sessions per month: $300/month
      • Super Saver: 12 sessions, paid in full in advance, scheduled at your preferred frequency. This option suits those who are in a hurry and want to stay on task. $1380
      • Group Coaching is offered in workshops, teleclasses, and group meetings on the phone. Together in this virtual meeting room we share support, suggestions and personal development tips. You may gather your own group of pals and come for coaching together, or join the mix of open-hearted others who are drawn to this personal development program. Fee to be determined.


How do we get started?

Email or call Nicie Lee to request an initial consultation and we will set-up a convenient time to talk.  I look forward to hearing from you!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (806) 786-3748