If you are missing something in life, but you just don't know what it is or you have a big decision to make but need a thinking partner to help you get through it, a Life Coach can help you move forward where you desire to reach full potential.  Coaching is not counseling nor therapy and it does not dig into what is "wrong" with you.  A coach helps bring clarity to your circumstances and then works with you to create a plan to address your issues.  At some point in life, we all struggle with self-identity or ask about our purpose in life. Many of us battle a saboteur or inner-critic.  Or maybe you are experiencing an emotional or physical change or illness that seems overwhelming. You might desire to improve certain relationships in your life.  Teens and college students often find themselves in tumultuous circumstances or might be buckling under the pressure to plan for their future.  A Life Coach can help all individuals, even teens and young adults, to understand where they are, where they want to be and how to get there.  There are also times of significant loss where you may need someone to partner with you during grieving or significant life transitions.  You might consider the services of a Life Coach if you lack self-confidence, seek self-value, are overwhelmed by stress, dissatisfied with your career, question whether you are burned out, struggle with procrastination, indecisiveness, or boredom.  A Life Coach can help you identify the issues and restore passion, hope, peace, success and joy in your life.  

Life Coaching individuals is by far one of the most rewarding aspects of Coaching. In an effort to make Life Coaching affordable for individuals seeking clarity in their personal lives, hourly rates may be scaled down depending on the services offered.  Some prefer a pre-paid package with a built-in discount and others prefer a pay-as-you-go type of arrangement. Typical sessions can range $50-$75 per session.

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Corporate & Executive Coaching has become mainstream in major domestic companies. A Corporate Coach works across the ranks with supervisors, managers, executives and entire leadership teams.  They can help a newly appointed manager enhance her leadership skills or they can help a long-term employee that desires self-development in certain areas of his work.  A Coach can also help executives and their teams accomplish certain business objectives.  A new leadership team may be trying to achieve cohesiveness or an existing team may be struggling with dysfunction; a Coach can help bridge relationships and tear down walls. Whether they are working with an individual or an entire management team, an impartial Coach will vet issues, ask the hard questions, facilitate courageous conversations, design effective business networks and provide accountability for rolling out certain business strategies.

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The constant pressure of practicing law, long hours, difficult clients and the personality of many who are attracted to the legal profession can create a pressure cooker. Most lawyers are faced with managing unrelenting demands and unreasonable expectations. They may be buckling under the pressure to make more money or become overly emotionally invested in winning.  In these instances, lawyers may use their critical thinking skills and advocacy skills to explain, rationalize and sometimes blame rather than gain perspective and clarity about stressful circumstances that might be resolvable.  If the lawyer does not gain perspective and control of these circumstances and they go unmanaged for too long, the practice of law can be spirit-killing. Lawyers can begin to find their work unsatisfying, they can quickly succumb to burnout and their personal life may deteriorate.  A Coach that is also a lawyer can be extremely helpful to other lawyers.  If a lawyer comes in at 4:00pm and says she just got a TRO and has to prepare a response by 5:00pm, she doesn't have to explain the magnitude of that demand.  A Coach that also practices law knows exactly what she means.  Sometimes legal professionals need a Coach to help them rediscover peace and joy in their lives. 

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Anyone in healthcare, whether it be a physician, administrator, nurse, or any other healthcare employee, knows that healthcare is a pressure cooker without a pressure release valve.  Everyone is being asked to do more with less and are buckling under the demands of new technology, new reimbursement systems, comprehensive reporting requirements, compliance regulations, patient satisfaction, government enforcement, etc. In the past decade, nearly every single aspect of healthcare has experienced a material change.  No stone has been left unturned and no department has been unaffected. This calls for incredible innovation and creates both an exciting and challenging world where everything is new. But at its core, there continues to exist a most sacred exchange between two individuals that cannot be forgotten, and that is the exchange between a clinician and their patient.  I have worked in healthcare since 1991.  I started in a medical records department, I've worked as a Business Services Director, a Compliance Director and eventually as General Legal Counsel in a multi-billion dollar health system.  I get it!  Healthcare is hard.  Healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations can benefit from a Coach who has lived it and understands it.  A Coach can help individuals gain clarity about issues in their work and can work with teams that desire to be more cohesive and have fun again.   Consider engaging a Coach to help you vet issues, ask the hard questions, facilitate courageous conversations, design effective business networks and provide accountability for rolling out certain business strategies.

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